In my experience of 20+ years of working for health clubs and owning my owning studio since 2006, I like to think we have the best trainers and coaches in the business. We all share a huge passion for fitness, whether it's putting ourselves through rounds of getting punched,  flexibility that will make your head spin, amazing programs and personalities that keeps clients coming back for years, and willingness to help improve somebody's life for the better. On behalf of BHF staff it's an amazing feeling to help  you reach your dreams and beyond.



Expert Trainer

Single session $90

6 1-hour sessions $480

12 1-hour sessions $900

24 1-hour sessions $1680

 90 day Expiration


Trainer has a minimum of 3+ years experience, 1+ Nationally recognized certification, and a Bachelor's Degree related or unrelated to Sports Science



Master Trainer

Single session $120

60 day expiration

6 1-hour sessions $660
12 1-hour sessions  $1200






Trainer has 10+ years experience, 3+ Nationally recognized certs, and a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science.



Group begins with a $1000 for 2 and an additional $500 for each extra person


$120 for 2 and $25 for each additional person